Design Thinking Resources

Innovation often happens through gaining new insights into human nature. But how do you gain these insights? 

To get you started, RRU has compiled these recommended resources to help you to understand what is Design Thinking and the Design Thinking Research methods.






Define and frame your design challenge by creating your point of view and ask “How Might We” by Rikke Dam, R. and Siang, T. (2017), Interactive Design Foundation.

The Future of Prototyping Is Now Live by Aycan, D. and Lorenzoni, P. (2014), Harvard Business Review. 

How to use design thinking to navigate culture change by Shaw, V. (2017),  Culture Summit.

Introduction to Design Thinking Process Guide  by Hasson Plattner, Institute of Design at Stanford

Tools and resources for each stage


Method: Interview for Empathy

Method: Extreme Users


Define and Frame Your Design Challenge

Writing Effective Problem Statements

Web of Abstraction aka Webbing

Method: How Might We?

Ideate and Prototype