2020 Challenge

This year, the Faculty of Management partnered with Rotman to host the Royal Roads Design Thinking Challenge. The client, the City of Toronto, has challenged student teams from across Canada to use design thinking to ensure more homeowners retrofit their homes. The teams have been busy at work, gathering insights in their own cities and have submitted their preliminary ideas via video. Judges, who are practitioner experts in design thinking, behavioral economics, and retrofitting, are currently reviewing the videos and preparing their feedback for teams.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 has prevented us from holding the next part of the event in Toronto, as originally planned. But we have taken the opportunity to highlight Royal Roads' capacity to deliver interactive and creative virtual learning experiences by moving the event online. With feedback from the participating teams and the support of our committed judges, we've designed an event that showcases our leadership in online learning.  We’re particularly keen to preserve several key characteristics of the event, especially the feedback from the judges and the collaboration between the teams, and in this, we're particularly thankful for the wonderful folks in A/V and CTET at Royal Roads University who continue to work with us to create an event the students and business leaders won't forget.

This Year's Challenge: Increase Home Retrofitting

The 2020 Challenge was being hosted by Rae-Anne Miller and Stewart Dutfield from the Transform Toronto team at the City of Toronto, and it was: "How might municipal government nudge homeowners retrofit their homes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?" For details, please view this 5-minute video in which Rae-Anne and Stewart present the challenge to the students. We had six teams participating teams that were divided teams into two groups and had two judging panels comprised of seven judges in total

Teams had two weeks to find a solution and create a video to post in Moodle by March 5th. Between March 5th and 26th teams could view each other's videos and provide feedback. 

On April 2nd, all teams gathered for the second and final round of the challenge. Due to COVID-related issues, the McMaster and NAIT teams withdrew at the last minute. The four teams spent the 2nd in a variety of activities, including iterating on their initial designs with feedback from the judging panels.

Congratulations to the winners of the challenge: 

  • 2nd Place – University of Toronto, Rotman Commerce
  • 1st Place – Royal Roads University