The 2020 Challenge

The format

The challenge is split into two rounds.

The first round will begin online while teams are still in their home communities. Teams have two weeks to navigate a structured design thinking process before submitting an eight-minute video and a two-page “napkin pitch” outlining their preliminary idea. A second round will happen at an on-campus location. 

At the event, the teams will receive feedback from the judges and other stakeholders and have until the next morning to adjust their video and napkin pitch. Teams present their re-imagined idea to a panel of stakeholders. Winners of Round One will be announced and teams will be presented with a second challenge that builds on the work of the first.

The teams will present their solutions to the second challenge and a panel of judges comprised of senior administrators, design thinking & behavioral intervention practitioners, and issue stakeholders will determine the Challenge winners who will be announced at the Awards dinner.

Composition of Teams

Each university or college will be represented by a maximum of seven individuals:

  • Four students (4 required/5 max)
  • One coach + one assistant coach

The team is defined as the required four "competing" students. Students who are on the team at the beginning of round 1 must participate throughout the entire challenge. Teams may make substitutions due to health or other extenuating concerns, however, these must be approved by the challenge organizers in advance and once made, cannot be changed for the remainder of the challenge. Teams will be assigned a breakout room for the duration of the event.